Thursday, May 20, 2010

I love days off.

So today I had my first day off in a long time. Sort of. I had to go to mandatory training for work. When you get hired by this agency, you have to through a series of training courses. There's a lot. The good part is you get paid to go. The bad? It's usually on your day off. So I had to go to "Core Curriculum" today. I learned a lot in four hours. The importance of hand washing. Always wear gloves when deal with sick consumers. All sorts of really boring, common sense stuff. At least the guy teaching it was a lot of fun, he made it less painful.

That was the excitement of my day. I went shopping (wouldn't be a day off for me if I didn't!) and now I'm going to relax and watch a movie. Going first thing in the AM for a much needed mani/pedi to get ready for this weekends shenanigans. I have a Bachelorette party to go to! We're going to the City, getting a hotel room, and romping around the city. The whole 9. It's gonna be amazing. I'll tell you all about it. :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


So it's been a couple of days. Not a whole lot is going on. Just the typical stuff, such as work. Finished my paper yesterday and dropped it off to my teacher. This whole working second shift thing is screwing up my sleeping patterns! I'm not necessarily complaining because apposed to getting up @ 5:30am everyday, it's a beautiful thing. But now I sleep until God only knows when. Like today. Getting up at 11am isn't really acceptable so I have to stop this now before it gets too comfortable.

I've been in a Spring cleaning mood so I think it's time to start a pot of coffee and get it done before I leave for work. I leave you now with a pic of this amazing candle that I am addicted to at the moment.

Yankee Candle is simply the best! I got Shortbread Cookie for my birthday from my boyfriend's mom who works at a YC retail store. I always know what my presents gonna be from her, I love it! hehehe

Thursday, May 13, 2010

School's out for the summer!

And alas, summer is finally here! (almost..) Well I took my last final exam today and have a paper due on Tuesday. Then I'm done until the Fall. I'm still considering a Summer class but most likely will opt out for that because of pure laziness. lol.
I tried selling my textbooks back today at the school store, very unsuccessfully I might add. So I'm going to try because that's what people have been telling me to do. I just like the instant gratification of cash on the spot! Oh well. Because of my little mishap on Tuesday with my laptop, I'm picking my new Netbook tomorrow. Call me crazy. My laptop hasn't acted up today but it doesn't mean it won't. Plus I got a really good deal on the Netbook so I'm gonna try it out. The fact that it can fit right in my purse really intrigues me.
I'm going to go enjoy a cold beer and enjoy the sun while we have it. The weather has been hectic with rain on and off so who knows what tomorrow will bring. See ya later!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Life is good.

Good evening. My laptop is like a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode. Well that's how I feel about it ever since I dropped it on pavement yesterday. I was at school and stopped by car to unload a couple of books from my very heavy backpack. Apparently after I took some books out, I never zipped it back up fully because the minute I put it on my back, my laptop fell out. I couldn't do anything but laugh. That nervous, pissed off, mad laugh. What else was I gonna do? The damage (literally) had already been done. I went inside, took a deep breath and pushed the on button. It actually turned on. I couldn't believe it. But now, unfortunately, it has a bunch of weird quirks. It buzzes loudly, turns off randomly, gets really hot, etc.. So like I said, it's like a time bomb and could fail at any time..  So like the tech fiend that I am, I went and ordered a Netbook today. I'll be picking it up either tomorrow or Friday. I just want to try it out. That way if this bad boy decides to shit the bed, I'll have a backup. No way am I going back to the desktop.
Other than that little mishap, this has been a good week so far. I finished my employment @ Friendly's on Sunday. Of course not without great catastrophe. I got a muscle crap in my lower back around 12:30pm so I stopped taking tables and went to the hospital. The pain was excruciating and I was scared. The doctor said it was nothing major but I do have a follow-up on Friday just to make sure everything is okay. They gave me some good meds to deal with the pain though which was very helpful.
It is so weird not going to Friendly hell every morning. It's so odd that I can sleep in until pretty much anytime that I feel like crawling out of bed. I'm not going to get too comfortable doing that only because I can't just sleep and work. I have to get other stuff done in the meantime. I want to get into a routine, maybe squeeze in the gym bright and early. We'll see. I love my new job. I had my first shift on my own tonight, no training. It went really well. Next week I start full-time and also have trainings which will be great in the paycheck. Speaking of, I get my first direct deposit on Friday. I'm psyched. I'm gonna miss the cash everyday, I have to admit. But I'll adjust.

Okay, enough procrastinating. Off to write a paper I go, and finish studying for my Marketing final tomorrow. Goodnight!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Killin' Time.

It's been a beautiful month of May so far. The weather has been grand. I've been to the beach twice this week already! The life changes I've been making have also been strengthening my mood and outlook. It's sweet relief to know that I'm not going to be a waitress for the rest of my life. That's the way things were looking until now. Not that there's anything wrong with that if that's what you want to do, but it's not for me. I've gotten to the point where I have 2 more days left and I don't even want to go. I do need the cash though. I'm in a great mood at work and everyone knows why. If someone wants to be pissed at me because I can't get their burger medium rare for them, it's okay. (stupid company policy if you ask me anyway) I'm not worried about negative customer surveys being sent into corporate anymore for fear that my hours may be cut. I never got a negative response in 6 years. Maybe I should try? Haha. Maybe not. I can finally unsubscribe from all of those spam emails I receive from CareerBuilders and SnagAJob, thank god because they fill up my inbox like you wouldn't believe.
My new job is going great so far. I'm getting to know everyone pretty well and we're starting to feel comfortable with each other. My official job title is a Direct Support Professional. That's the fancy name for it anyway. In a nutshell, I work in a group home with individuals with disabilities who need 24 support. There's only 3 of them so it's not hard to handle, and there's always 2 staff on at all times unless you do overnights. I just can't believe I'm getting paid to go for walks, take trips, go to the playground, etc! It's more involved than that, of course but those are a couple of the things we get to do on the clock. I love it. I'm so happy to be able to make a difference in the life of someone else.
Right now I am procrastinating. I'm in the library at school and should really be working on my Marketing project and/or my essay for English since finals are next week. I'm looking forward to having a 3 month break from school. It's coming at a good time. I guess I shouldn't waste anymore time and get going on those things. See ya later!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I have some wonderful news!

I'm such a bad blogger. Maybe that's why I don't have many followers. Or maybe I don't blog much because of that reason. I'd say it's a good mixture of the two. Life has been super hectic lately. Believe it or not, days go by where I don't even turn on my laptop which is not like me at all.
I got a new job! Yes, finally. As of this coming Sunday, Mother's Day, it will be my last day. Thank god. This has been long awaited. I got a full-time (with excellent benefits!) at a center for people with special needs. I now work at a 24 hour support group home. I began last monday and it's been great! I've been spending a lot of time getting to know the people and my new coworkers. Last night we had a picnic at a park and played on the playground. And I got paid for doing it! I just can't believe that's work! I'll take it. I've spent too long working a job where I had to work my ass off just to get by. This job has all of the perks. On top of benefits, I accrue sick time and vacation time! 3 weeks a year! Isn't that amazing? haha. I'm still so flabbergasted by the whole thing. If I could afford to, I would just take this whole week off but that's just not in the numbers for me. But it's okay. I'll be able to say goodbye to all of my customers.
Next week are finals at school. Because of that, I think everything will transition quite nicely. I will finish out the semester and be able to put 100% into my new job. That way when the Fall semester starts, I will be adjusted.  Well anyway, I'm gonna go and work on my assignments. Talk to you soon!