Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Did you miss me?!

I can't believe I've went this long without writing. There's no excuse other than I forgot! Things have been going pretty well other than the fact that my grandfather died on May 28th. He was 82 years old. He had a heart attack and the whole thing was just devastating. He was an incredible man and I loved him very much. He was always there for me especially when I was a child. When I was having a bad day, Grandpa would come pick me up and I'd spent so much time with him which I consider myself lucky for. He actually beat cancer about a year ago as well. I had the honor of doing a reading at his funeral which I was nervous about but did it graciously. As much as I miss him, I'm glad to know he lead a full life.

Work has been going pretty well. I'm still getting to know the guys and their habits. They all seem to enjoy having me. I always try to make sure everyone's having a good time as well as getting their daily routine taken care of. They just love to test our patience. haha. I'm glad to have a job where I'm making a difference in the lives of other people. It is a very rewarding job. And I finally work for a company who actually takes care of their employees! Hallelujah! I was able to get paid for the days I missed when Grandpa died. That never happened at Friendly's even after all of the years I put it. I have to admit how amazing it feels to drive by that hell hole and know that I don't have to even so much as pull in the parking lot. The other day was free ice cream day and the guys wanted to go. I didn't even want to go there for that! No way! So second shift took them instead. LoL.
Anyway, I'm gonna go pass out as I am exhausted! Talk to ya soon!