Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Revelation #8473: I'm going to (try) to lose weight! (again)

As another "fat" summer is about to end, I am embarking on a journey. One that I've tried before but ever so unsucessfully. I'm going to attempt to lose weight. I am so over the fact that the normal me is a fat girl and that it's so apparent to everyone. I know I'm big but when I see pictures I can't help but think "daaamn". Not to mention, my sister has just sweated off 85 pounds and I'm really never going to hear the end of that one. It's bad enough she's always been on my case to get my thyroid check because hyperactive thyroid runs in the family. She says that's why she lost weight. Could it be that she's living off of a one income and feeding three children? Maybe she's just not eating? I don't know. What I do know is I'm finally going to do this.

I've been big for a few years now. It started after high school when I didn't have to walk anywhere anymore because I got a car. And that car made easy access to fast food joint drive-thrus. I'd also like to blame the dollar menu at each and every one of those easy accessible fatty traps. I mean c'mon, they make it so alluring! Cheap food that tastes so sinfully fulfilling? No wonder America is so fat. It's not our fault we have no self control!

And that's exactly what it all boils down to. Self-Control. I'll be the first to admit that those words have rarely been in my vocabulary. Especially when it comes to food! I eat when I'm happy, when I'm sad, and when I have nothing else to do. Hell, even if I have something to do! It is how I reward myself. Well finally all of those pounds I have really packed on are really adding up.

I'm making a step in the right direction. Wednesday morning at 9am I will be attending a Weight Watchers meeting. I'm giving in. The funny part is, I know many people who have sucessfully lost a ton of weight from doing Weight Watchers. So why have I waited? Lack of Self-Control. Procrastionation. Laziness. I can come with a million excuses but they'll all just make me hungry so I'm going to stop there.

I'll keep you informed on how it goes. :)