Friday, July 23, 2010

Size 10 = Plus Size? I think not!

Being a full-figured woman, I am appalled hear that Crystal Renn is being considered a plus size model at a size 10! I hadn't even heard of her until just recently so searched for her on Google Images. While it's clear to me that she's fluctuated with her weight over the years, she certainly is not plus sized at the moment. There's a lot of media attention on the fact that she was photo-shopped to look like a size 2.

A size 10 is definitely not even close to plus size. In fact a 10 is still on the "skinny" side of the store, if you're lucky enough to find a store that has "plus sizes". No wonder women have so many weight issues. Who decides what's plus size? The fashion world?  If it were up to them, we'd all have to be a size 2, 4 or *gasp* a 6!

All I want to know is if a 10 is fat than what the hell am I. Check out this this article to see just what I'm talking about. I think Crystal Renn is a beautiful woman and she looks beautiful no matter what her pant size is.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I love summer!!

I've totally been neglectful and I apologize if anyone bothers to follow me.

Things have been going pretty well. Just trying to keep cool, literally. This has been the hottest summer we've seen in a long time and I'm not complaining. I'm fortunate enough to have a pool at home and at work! It's awesome and I take full advantage of it. Work's going well. I've been doing alot of trainings such as CPR, CPI, etc. It's awesome to be able to put them on my resume.

I'm loving my new car! It's amazing. I put full coverage on it because I was so nervous driving it, especially in the summertime. I live in a very large tourist attraction area and I don't trust their driving.

Anyway, I'm just keeping things brief tonight. I'm off to pass out. Talk to you soon!

Friday, July 9, 2010

It's 8am and almost 80 out!

It's been quite some time since I last posted. Almost a month. I can't believe how neglectful I've been to my blog! I really need to get back to writing here. It's a great way for me to express my thoughts and reflect.

I'm still getting adjusted to working 2nd shift. I like it but it's different for me getting home sometimes as last as 11pm. It's nice to sleep in though. Work is going well. I'm definitely "fitting in" at the group home. We're short staffed so I've been working up to 50 hours a week. The guys have their ups and downs but overall I enjoy working with them and knowing I'm making a difference in their lives.

I finally got a new car yesterday! It's all legal and on the road. It's an 02 Chevy Monte Carlo. It's sexy! I'm gonna miss the little Sentra. That car was awesome to me for the last 3 years, especially since it was supposed to be "only temporary". It never left me on the side of the road though their were some very close calls! I'm up bright and early today because I can't wait to go out driving!

I got two wisdom teeth out last friday and this morning I have a follow-up. The gums hurt so bad where they were, I'm really hoping it's healing properly! I'm nervous about going because the Surgeon can be a real jerk. His bedside manners suck, I've noticed it and so has anyone else I know that has been to him.

Anyway, that was just a quick update. I will talk to you later!