Friday, October 30, 2009

My psychic encounter on All Hallow's Eve.

So when my sister asked me a month ago to go to a psychic reading party she was having on all hallow's eve, I agreed to go without actually thinking about what I was getting myself into. And today, October 31st, it hit me. It was happening tonight! I was nervous as hell and didn't really want to do it. I got there early and let a couple of others go ahead of me. I was shaking with nervousness. I've always been a skeptic when it comes to psychics. I've never went before and really hadn't given it much thought.

So it's my turn and I lead myself up the hall to my sister's room. I sit across the table and introduce myself. She was typically what I expected, appearance wise. She was mid 40's, wearing a purple shirt with a wolves setting on it. She had necklaces with pentagons on them. Some stones set apon a drawstring bag on the table. A pile of tarot cards dead center. No crystal ball. Damn.

She had me shuffle the cards while thinking of questions to ask. My mind was racing in a million different directions. I couldn't think of any certain question, just topics. I did as she told me and set the cards out in three piles. From there she set them up around the table. As I looked them over, I noticed the Death card right in front of me. Creepy.

The first topic I thought of was my boyfriend. Without me saying a word, she asked about my relationship. I told her we are going on 3 years next month. She asked me about the temper tantrum he threw this afternoon. I like her already. She went on to tell me that he's immature and has a lot of growing up to do. She said I'm very mature for my age and she doesn't know why I tolerate it. I laughed. She said overall we would work out as I am a very patient person. She said he's a good person but it's gonna be awhile before he grows up. That's what I expected.

Moving on, she asked about his brother, seeing as how they're close. I told her about his wedding next June and she said that his fiancee would end up pregnant before the wedding. I won't be saying a word of that too them but am curious to see if it's true!! She then asked me about my friend who's been in and out of my life for years. I knew she was talking about Amanda. She told me to watch out for her. She said she's not to be trusted and that she's influenced very much by who she's with. I couldn't believe how accurate she was about this because Amanda's been trying to hang out once again and I've been weary of trusting her.

She asked me about my work. She said she sees that it's very hectic and stressful. I told her I'm a waitress and that it's getting old. She told me she knew I was in college and to hang in there because I will accomplish great things and get the career I want. She told me to look into Sociology. (I'll be googling that later.) She also said I'll be coming into some money in March or April and will buy something big. I'm hoping that means I'll use my tax return to get a new car. lol. She said the death card meant big changes for me in the year 2010. She said it with such excitement which really made me feel good.

So then was the topic of my brother. She asked me how he was killed. I told her we lost him 2 years ago in car accident at the age of 18 and that he was the passenger. She said he has crossed over peacefully and wants us to know that he is okay. She said he's with a lot of people we know. He told her that he's with me everyday and that he also keeps a watchful eye on my mom. He always worried about her and so do I. She said he worries about our brother Dan who turns 18 on Sunday. She said Dan is going to be just fine and not to worry about him. She said Michael wanted me to tell my parents that he is okay. She also picked up on my dad's alcoholism. She knew how he is to my family and she said he's never going to change. She said my mom is going to be okay but gets so stressed out by him.

Overall, she gave an amazing reading. I was thoroughly impressed especially since I was a skeptic going in. I was shaking in the beginning but once I heard everything, I felt so much better. I barely offered any information. She brought everything up!! I almost wanted to pay for another session so we could keep going, that's how amazed I was.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

This too shall pass.

I love my days off. They're my favorite time of the week!

Work still sucks. It's so unbearably slow. I'm lucky to have the schedule that I want, where I open the restaurant, work until it dies down and get cut first. That way if it's dead, I don't end up having to stay and stand around until the next girl comes in. I spent too many years being that person who has to wait. The down side, most days I'm out by noon. That's how slow we are.

I have applied to so many places and haven't gotten one response. I've redone my resume a couple times over to make sure it's on par. I wish there was an opportunity out there for me. I have so much to offer in a job where I can work to my full potential instead of being stuck working for a company that considers you nothing but a "number". Regardless of the fact that I've been there for 5 years. That's longer than all of the management.

But this is why I'm in college. I'm going to do great things with my life. I just can't wait to look back on this time in my life. Everything else is great except my job! I have a wonderful boyfriend of 3 years, a great house to live in, amazing family & friends, etc. But I hate my job. It's time to move on with this phase in my life. If I could find something a little more stable I'd feel so much better about things.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sonic is Coming!

Almost every single day for, oh I'd say about a year or two, they've been showing Sonic ads on tv here on the RI/CT border.

So I did what any curious person would do, I checked out the sonic site to see where the closest sonic was. The result? NOT EVEN close. So why are they showing them here? There must be a reason, right?

There is!!

There isn't much there yet, barely any content. But it says coming soon!

Never been to a Sonic myself but I've always been curious since seeing them when on vacation in the South. Definitely looking forward to try it out!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wide Awake...

It's 12:30am and I am wide awake, sitting here with my laptop and watching National Lampoon's Vacation.

I am thrilled to have the next 4 days off. My job is really getting to me. I don't know if it's the customers or if it's me. Probably just a good combination of the two. People have been so miserable lately. We get a lot of tourists with the beach being so close but because of all the rain, well they're here and stuck inside. Even the locals are bad. I can't wait for the nice weather to come and get people out of their misery.

I'm getting that old feeling again about wanting to just get out of the restaurant business completely. So I just don't even want to be there anymore. I've applied for every damn job that I can find and still no luck. It really sucks to be stuck there in this economy slump. They expect us to work like we're getting crazy benefits and shall I even say... appreciation. We don't get any sort of appreciation except for when the customers tip for the service. The company doesn't give a shit, the management is all about numbers and figures, which comes down to labor. Cutting us wicked short just to save a buck but in the long run, leaving us servers running ragged. They want to know why people call out so much. Or why no one wants to pick up a shift. And I have just been doing it this way for a long time and need a big change. I'm waiting on one application I filled out for a local bank but I'm not gonna get my hopes too high, just in case. But it would be so nice if this could be my big break.

I can't wait to start college in August just to know I'm working towards a career. That there is a possibility that I won't have to do this forever. The grant I received was heaven sent I swear. I know even if I don't end up with a new job right away, the whole school thing will keep me going.

I'm going to try and go lay down. ttyl.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Just a Note..

I'm writing to say I'm not writing tonight. Thanks! :-)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Who I am.

Seeing how this is my 3rd post on my new blog, I might as well give you some insight into who I am. My name is Jessi and I am 24 years old. I live in Rhode Island and have lived on the RI/CT border for most of my life. I am not new to the blogging world but this is my first time back in quite a few years. I used to keep journals on Livejournal and Blurty when I was in high school. I am hoping to stick to blogging frequently, hopefully every day.
I have a boyfriend whom I have been dating for almost 3 years. We have an apartment about 20 minutes away from where I work and grew up. As I will explain later, I needed to get out of that town. It's my way of being close enough to my family and friends, but far enough to actually go home and not be just 5 minutes away from everyone I have ever known. It feels good to know I can go to the grocery store and not know everyone there, as silly as that sounds. It just makes sense.
I am a waitress and have been for about 5 years. I begin school in August to finally make something of myself. I know I am not living my life to it's full potential and it eats away at my soul. I am really looking forward to school, even if it is just a community college. I am going for a Marketing Transfer Degree which simply means I will obtain my Associate's Degree and transfer to a 4-year school to earn my Bachelor's Degree. My goal is to get into the advertising business and design print ads.
I am off to shower and get to ready to go to bed now, I'll write again tomorrow. Ciao.

Friday, June 19, 2009

a sign that the sun is still burning!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

seriously, the rain can commence.

Here in New England, the rain has been falling for what would seem to us as an eternity. The sun appears briefly, usually in the late afternoon when everyone's moral is already shot for the day. It's all too depressing. In fact too many things these days are depressing so we are relying on the sun to give us the ambition and lift our spirits to look forward brightly. I mean certainly things could be worse but they could be just a little bit better.
I spent the day in the great indoors. It was the perfect day for staying in pajamas and watching movies. I love these kinds of days. Just knowing that I don't have to do a damn thing! I'm going to leave you now and go look up how to tutorials on youtube. I'm currently teaching myself Dreamweaver CS4 because I am getting back into web design. I have a couple business opportunities that I would be silly to turn down so my mind needs a little refreshing. I wonder what I'm getting myself into now that it's been a few years since I was so very effecient with the hypertext markup language. I'm sure alot has changed.
Okay I shall talk to you later.