Saturday, September 13, 2014

My new found love- the Little Free Library.

Earlier this week I was exploring the area around my home, taking all the back roads I hadn't been down as my daughter started dozing off for her afternoon nap. I passed by this street corner with the cutest little box that read "take a book, leave a book or both!". It almost looked like an oversized birdhouse. I kept going down the road debating to turn around and check it out. I finally did and I couldn't be more pleased!

As I approached the roadside box I noticed that it said "Little Free Library". How amazing is that? I went up and found a book I'd been looking for - "Wild" by Cheryl Strayed (which I have since finished but that's for another post!). I felt strange taking a book and not leaving one so I was sure to return with a couple more the next day. I googled the Little Free Library and to my delight I found that they have these free libraries in neighborhoods worldwide! The map has several nearby so I made it a point to visit a few this week. They are all built and maintained by locals, usually the property owners, and have books for all different ages. 

I love kindness in this form- what an amazing little treasure to be found. I highly suggest you check out and visit any that may be local to you!